Wednesday, March 27, 2013

iReal b loving this app

Band in a box... great for PC... back in the days when it first came out you had your little computer speakers ... you'd move your bass rig into the computer room/office and play through some charts.  Great tool of course.  But most of us back then didn't have nice speakers that allowed for a realistic blend of bass+amp+BIAB ( That's Band in a Box ).  Even more so you were limited to your computer room's desktop PC or Mac.

Fastforward all of the inbetweener stuff with laptops and speakers, etc... let's get right to your Smartphone.  and .  Like..... really?

I can have an app on my phone where you can easily download thousands of chord charts (doesn't break copyright because you can't patent a chord change) ...where I can easily change the key, change the tempo, change the style, change the volume of bass/piano/drums, adjust the reverb ( really? ), specify the number of repeats, etc, etc ??!??!

I can also write my own charts and work out melodic ideas or bass parts ( turn down the bass in the mix ) ...

Where this app really shines for me is in combination with something like the Vox AmPlug for Bass.
Plug it in your bass.... plug your smartphone in... dial up iReal B ... put on your headphones... and you can sit on your couch or walk up and down your street and practice your soloing or bass parts all you want...

A .... maze...zing

This changes everything

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