Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peck this and Peck that, Heck Peck everything

The Vulfpeck force is strong with this one.....

On February 6th 2012 things changed.  Notreble posted this link featuring Joe Dart and Vulfpeck.

and I watched this video...

....after my brain stopped vibrating and my heart rate returned to normal, I watched it again.  After my head stopped bobbing and my knees stopped bouncing, I watched it again.  After my fingers stopped tapping and my torso stopped grooving, I watched it again.  Then I sat back. 

Dumbfounded, as a bassist yes.. by Joe Dart's groove...and by the virtuosic - but wouldn't have it any other way - groovy bass licks, but ... also by the entire video..the entire band.  What did I just see?  I read something about a film score ... it didn't add up.  Why would a band film a live recording of a film score?  If it was indeed for a film score I wanted to pre-order my ticket.

Then I watched another video...

Then I watched another video...

and more and more and more...all with joy.  I fell in love with Vulfpeck music and their videos.  I was watching like a wide-eyed kid, not analyzing like a professional musician.  So it took me a while to notice something.  

I picked up my bass and starting picking away at Beastly trying to learn it.  I was playing it on Youtube and playing along.  On one of the many shots of Joe doing his bass fills it hit me... and this may seem obvious to some..but..

What I was watching and what I was hearing was ...the same.  The recorded version in all its glory ...every note seemingly perfectly placed.. it  What we were watching... was Vulfpeck in the studio recording the very version laid down, etched in, burnt in, saved, stored, reproduced, archived forever on tape or digital or whatever.  

I immediately thought back to the first year I started playing bass.  I was trying to figure out Duff McKagan's opening bass riff in Sweet Child of Mine (which I recorded onto VHS from MuchMusic so I could play it back over and over).  But I looked to the video for answers but in the dark of the video I couldn't tell what he was playing.  More and more with other songs and videos I went to the videos for a glipse of what they were playing but as I matured in my playing early on discovered that music videos were just big promos with bands pretending to play along with the music that was already recorded (duuh of course...but to a kid there is a time before you realize this! ).   

So when I thought of that... then re-watched every Vulfpeck video all over again and realized each video is a real-time representation of what the listener is hearing respect for these guys as musicians shot up ten fold.  Their honor of pure is truly inspiring.  

I immediately wanted to go back and rerecord every bass track I have ever recorded with the feeling that everyone is watching... and will always be able to watch.....this take.  

Mind blowing.  I look forward to my next recording project. 

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